Handcrafted by Lori Lewis

“Wooden craft bears and more, with outfits for any occasion.”

What's New

We've created a website and have updated the photo gallery.


This has started out as a hobby. I enjoy working with my hands and I started creating Welcome Bears. My friends saw this and wanted me to make ones for them. It grew from there! I was then creating bears for my friends, for their friends, and so on. I have since added more animals to the collection. My hobby has grown into something more.


It started with three animals: bears, rabbits, and moose. There are now more types of animals, such as rabbits, moose, polar bears, cows, dogs, and pigs. Every outfit is hand painted. This ensures each outfit is unique. I have outfits for all the seasons and occaisions. If I don't have an outfit, I do take requests. You can send me an email with a request, design, or picture. The outfits are interchangeable so you can display your bear as you like. Please visit the gallery to view some of the hand painted outfits.